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Just Released!
DEBRIS' Static Disposal LP - 2008 black vinyl edition!

Format: LP, with insert, black vinyl
Price: $20 ppd USA, $30 ppd world

Debris Album

Anopheles Records is proud to announce a high quality, deluxe, tip-on style, heavy jacket sleeve LP edition of this 1976 acid-punk classic from Oklahoma for 2008, with an additional two sided insert unique to this edition, pressed on black vinyl for the first time since the original pressing in 1976. This is the outer limits, psych-noise proto-punk extravaganza that went on to inspire the likes of the Screamers and Nurse With Wound. This edition features the complete April, 1976 self-released LP, taken from the original master tapes, with original artwork, and a previously unreleased (and amazing!) November, 1975 home demo recording exclusive to the LP edition. The previous clear vinyl edition of Debris' on LP from 2002 sold out years ago, so we are glad to have it available again, after many requests from DEBRIS' fans around the world. We must keep it alive!"

DEBRIS' Static Disposal reviews:

From the Wire (UK) 285, November 2007:

"A repress of the wholly worthwhile, official, meticulous and only reissue of a now widely appreciated self-released experimental rock LPŠ Recording in 1975 in Oklahoma, Debris' may never have heard the Silver Apples' "You And I", nor the Fifty Foot Hose's "Red The Signpost", but what they learned from time in glam rock garage bands and art school led them to extend on those noisier late 1960s possibilities, and their record (originally intended to be "Prisoner Of Rock'n'Roll", but now known by the label name, Static Disposal) contributes to the category of punk avant la lettre that also locates such sci-fi blasts as Canada's Simply Saucer's, San Francisco's Chrome's, and Cleveland's Pere Ubu's. Guitarist Oliver Powers says he tried to play his guitar "like Š kneading bread dough", and riffs and melody are downplayed in favour of texture and drama, so that the Misfits' "Cough Cool" is as good a reference point as the rawest, heaviest moments of Roxy Music and King Crimson. Liner notes give extensive commentary from band members, and great live material fills up the playing time." - Jon Bywater.

From Gary "Pig" Gold's TEN YOU MAY HAVE MISSED IN 2007:

"Like its creatively miscreant Canadian cousins Simply Saucer, Chickasha, Okla.’s one and only Debris spent those dreaded mid-'70s recording some of the most totally incongruent, while at the same time brilliantly iconic music this side of your nearest, dearest Dictators demo. And, thanks to those ultra-visionaries at Anopheles Records, more than a full hour of these historic, histrionic sounds -- including the band’s entire semi-self-released 1976 vinyl long-player -- are herein recycled for all the world to embrace and/or run screaming in the opposite direction from.

Veering most wackily from post-"Trout Mask" repartee to EchoPlex-laden merry lo-frequency modulations, the hard bedrock ‘neath it all somehow always keeps things concrete and coherent in solid Blue Cheer style. Is it any wonder then that Debris had a standing invitation throughout '76 to play both Max’s Kansas City and CBGB (too very, very bad they never made it, though). Suffice to say, "Static D" must certainly be 2007's most challenging, yet ultimately rewarding, deep sonic experience." - Gary "Pig" Gold

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"DEBRIS' Static Disposal CD (Anopheles 004 2007 Edition CD)
This is still available on CD with 40 minutes of extra material. The detailed 28 page booklet, with extensive historical notes from the band's own first hand experiences, is updated, and today still sets an archival standard for "roots of punk" documents, and has served as a model for such releases that have followed in its wake." See the release page for more info.  $15 ppd USA, $20 ppd world. - - Anopheles Records

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